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To the Wild-Hearted Creative...


I decided to create Wild Muse for all the brides, the mamas, the warriors, and the beautiful women who want the freedom to be completely and wildly themselves out in nature.


I think our bodies, as women, are an enigma. They're so powerful and so able to withstand anything, yet are still seen as some of the most delicate and ethereal things the beauty of this world has to offer. To be able to reflect that power and that beauty within the vision of Mother Nature herself - is one of the most profound things we can experience.

And that's really what I want WILD MUSE to be for you. An experience. It will be more than just a session. My hope is that it will reignite the fire in your soul, and help you remember just how lovely you are!

Tennessee Adventure Elopement and Wedding Photographer Faith Ashlee Photo


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