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Eloping at Fall Creek Falls State Park: Your Ultimate Guide

Tennessee adventure elopement fall creek falls state park Tennessee wedding photographer faith ashlee photo

One of my favorite state parks in Tennessee is Fall Creek Falls State Park. It's offers a dreamy atmosphere if you’re seeking a nature-infused and adventurous elopement among Middle Tennessee's wilderness. In this guide, I’ll  take you through some steps and tips for an unforgettable elopement in this picturesque haven of waterfalls, lush forests, and natural beauty.

1. Make Sure to Obtain the Necessary Permits for Your Adventure Elopement.

Before you even begin planning your elopement at Fall Creek Falls, check with the park authorities to secure any required permits. You’ll want to make sure to adhere to any regulations to guarantee a seamless and respectful celebration within the park's natural environment. Some locations within the park don’t require permits such as the overlook near the Betty Dunn Nature Center, while others do require a permit such as Fall Creek Falls themselves. If you have any questions as to whether you need a permit or not, you can simply call the friendly staff at the Betty Dunn Nature Center: (423)-881-5708 and they can direct your call to wherever you need to go! You can also visit their website here.

2. Choose your Ceremony Location for Your Adventure Elopement.

Fall Creek Falls offers various stunning locations for your ceremony. Consider exchanging vows near Cane Creek Falls (pictured below), at one of the overlooks with panoramic views, or in a secluded spot surrounded by the park's greenery - you could even say your vows in the water! Select a location that resonates with your vision for the day. Wherever you choose, Fall Creek Falls has a plethora of amazing options to choose from.

3. Timing is Everything When it Comes to Eloping at Fall Creek Falls.

Be sure to plan your elopement around the optimal time for the park's natural beauty. Consider the changing seasons – do you want to get married among the vibrant colors of fall, the lush greenery of spring and summer, or the quiet and serene beauty of winter. Each season offers a unique charm. Additionally, you’ll want to plan what time of day you’d like to get married. Fall Creek Falls has many hills and valleys so depending on where you choose to have your ceremony you’ll either want an earlier or later time of day. You can work on your timeline together with your photographer to be sure you’re getting the best views for your big day, which brings me to my next point. 👇🏼👇🏼

4. Hire an Adventure Elopement Photographer for Your Big Day.

Be sure to hire a photographer who specializes in outdoor and adventure-based photography. Fall Creek Falls State Park provides a stunning backdrop, and having a skilled photographer that works well with capturing the natural lighting and shadows of the waterfalls and scenery can memorialize the feeling of your day while still preserving that adventurous spirit you'll want conveyed in your photos. When I take my couples on an adventure elopement, my goal is always to capture the emotion of the day, while also emphasizing the magnificence of the landscape that surrounds you.

5. Choose Your Attire for Your Adventure Elopement.

Choose an outfit that complements the natural surroundings. Consider earthy tones for suits and flowy fabrics for dresses. Comfortable shoes such as hiking boots or sandals is a must if you plan on exploring different areas of the park for your photos, but you can always err on the side of a wild-child by going barefoot during your ceremony and your photos in the water.

Tennessee adventure elopement fall creek falls state park Tennessee wedding photographer faith ashlee photo

adventure elopement fall creek falls state park Tennessee wedding photographer faith ashlee photo

6. Make Your Guest List the A-List for Your Adventure Elopement.

You and your partner will have to decide whether you want to share this intimate moment with close family and friends or keep it as a private event for just the two of you. Fall Creek Falls State Park provides various-sized locations that can accommodate a number of guests, ensuring a beautiful and memorable celebration whatever you choose.

Tennessee adventure elopement fall creek falls state park Tennessee wedding photographer faith ashlee photo

7. Consider Accommodations for Your Elopement.

If you're traveling to Fall Creek Falls State Park from out of town, you should definitely explore nearby accommodation options. Whether it's rustic cabins within the park itself or a charming airbnb overlooking nearby Center Hill Lake,  plan a comfortable stay to complement your nature-inspired celebration. This is also a great idea for couples who’d like to have an intimate ceremony but still want to celebrate with friends and family afterwards. Click here for a list of recommendations on Airbnb.

8. Celebrate! You Just Got Married!

Whether you want to have a private picnic, a cozy meal at a nearby restaurant (check out Crawdaddy's or CH Steak Lounge), or even just a quiet evening under the stars, make sure to savor the moment as newlyweds. I highly recommend to my couples to extend their accommodations by one day if they have family and friends in town. This way you can either have a day just the two of you for your elopement and invite everyone out the following day to celebrate, or you can have your big day with family and friends, and have a private day just the two of you the following day to either relax or explore the area together. Simply being present in each others’ company is the one piece of advice I followed at our own elopement and it makes such a difference.

Need Help Planning Your Own Adventure Elopement?

Tennessee adventure elopement fall creek falls state park Tennessee wedding photographer faith ashlee photo

Curious about what a full gallery from an adventure elopement at Fall Creek Falls looks like? Click Here!

If you're planning your own elopement in Tennessee (or anywhere else) and you haven't found your dream photographer yet, simply fill out my contact form and we can hop on a call to go over all your questions and your vision for your day! Then, we can start the planning process together so we can create an amazing day filled with laughter, love, and ALL the adventure we can!


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