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3 Helpful Tips for Choosing to Opt Out of a Traditional Wedding

2022 is the year of elopements, and let me tell you why: after the pandemic, and with inflation being the way it is, more than ever couples are choosing to opt out of a traditional wedding. Whether that be due to budget, or simply because they've waited long enough and they're READY! But sometimes it can be scary to tell all your family and friends that "Hey! We really wanna just do our own thing!" And I get it! These are people who have been waiting 5, 10, 20 years to see you at your wedding day, so it can be daunting to tell them no. I've listed these three small tips to help make it a little bit easier!

1. Don't Take it Personally

It can be hard not to let outside opinions determine how you feel about making decisions for your special day. Especially when those opinions come from those closest to you. Even in their own way, they're trying to steer you in the "right" direction. Remember that it is your day, and your memories. Setting boundaries is healthy, and those that take an issue with boundaries are a red flag. The way you choose to celebrate your love matters. Stick up how you want your story told.

2. Consider What Feels "Right" for You

Sometimes, it can be challenging to think outside the box of pre-determined activities for your wedding day. These are things everyone, including your guests, are expecting to happen: A big ceremony, cocktail hour, seated dinner, family photos, etc.

The best way to navigate this is to use what you have, and change it to make sense for you. Don't want to have everyone their for your vows? Don't. Want your family photos to be a little less posed? Communicate that with them, and your photographer (aka, me) will bring that to life for you.

If you're wanting to make changes to something but aren't sure of another idea - ASK! I've got tons of ideas, and I'm sure the people who love you do, too! Facebook groups are another great resource for wedding ideas off the beaten path.

3. Give Yourself Time

The majority of my couples choose to elope and have a reception later on, either the same day, or months down the road. There's no right way to do this, which means every way is the right way to do this. But if I can offer any advice for my non-traditional couples, it would be to give yourself time; to enjoy your engagement, to decide what is right for you, to decide together what new traditions you're making as a family as you start this chapter together, and to add time into your day - however you celebrate - to breath and soak it all in.

Planning Your Own Elopement?

If you're planning your own elopement, or opting out of a traditional wedding, fill out my contact form and let's start the planning process together so we can create an intentional day filled with laughter, love, and ALL the wild adventure we can!


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